De Vogelwachter gaat naar de VS!

De Vogelwachter zal onder de internationale titel The Warden vertoond worden op het Californische Mill Festival. De film zal online te zien zijn van vrijdag 9 oktober – zondag 18 oktober, alleen in Noord-Amerika.

The Warden (De Vogelwachter) goes USA! The film will be screening at the Mill Valley Film Festival 2020. From Friday 9 Oct 9 – Sunday Oct 18. In North America only.

“On the deserted beach of tiny Benty Island, the warden (Freek de Jonge in a wonderfully understated solo turn) follows a strict daily routine at the bird sanctuary he has overseen, alone, for decades. With the same precision as his beloved grandfather clock, he monitors the flocks of resident and migrating sea and shore birds that are his only companions and his constant source of wonderment.
But everything in his world shifts tectonically when he learns that his post will be shut down. The warden must find a way to resist his fate—but how?
Writer-director Threes Anna captures the quiet joys of solitude and self-imposed isolation in a beautiful film allegory that fits the pandemic era we have now entered—and offers a glimpse of what joy there is to find oneself, after so long alone, face to face with another human being and kindred spirit.”
More information and screening dates can be found on the website of the festival: